The Art Of Waiting

by Corey Nolen

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The Art of Waiting is the debut album by Corey Nolen.


released 30 March 2013
All songs written by Corey Nolen except Northbound 35, written by Jeffrey Foucault.

Justin Driver- Electric Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin
Chandler Parker- Piano
Tim Carroll Jr.- Upright Bass
Connie Skellie- Violin
Will Giuliani- Drums
Lisa Driver- Harmony Vocals
Stokes Skellie- Harmony Vocals

Produced by Corey Nolen & Tim Carroll Jr.
Recorded by Tim Carroll Jr.
Mixed & Mastered by Eric Chapman
Album Design by Mike Robinson



all rights reserved


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Track Name: I Fall Hard
Judgin by what my friends say
If you wanna be run to the ground
Baby I’m your man cause
I make good things go away

Cause I fall hard, I fall hard
I fall hard, till I hit the ground

When all your love has gone away
You throw yourself at anything that gives the time of day and
Confuse lovin with the pain

Oh love, oh love
Why you gotta be so far from me
Why you gotta take what I can’t be oh love

So I wait on the hands of fate
To turn what I can’t figure out into a wedding day cause
I’ve proved I can’t find a way
Track Name: Lie To Me
Lie to me
Tell me things even I won’t believe
That you’ve seen the other side and the pastures are green
Lie to me
I don’t need all that much to hold on
Don’t even care if it’s right I’m just tired of being wrong

I’ve tried to pretend that
The walls ain’t fallin in but the stones are crushing my feet
So when the truths settin in and it’s all I can stand
I just find something else to believe

Lie to me
And like a fool I’ll pretend I don’t see
All I’m giving up for my fantasy
Lie to me
Tell me things even you don’t believe
We’ll say them enough and end up deceived

Well we both know that you know I know
That in the end I’m gonna reap what I’ve sown
But when you’re telling yourself for so long
Another lie don’t seem wrong
Track Name: Things I Have Not Said
And the words don’t come out right
But not because of how I’m talkin but how they started in my mind
We dress up for another fight
With nowhere to go cause we’re all alone too proud to face our pride

Oh no, not again
The fears start runnin through our head
But oh no, not yet
There’s still some things I haven’t said

So we reach the great divide
With no tears left to cry
So we lie in bed, two silent stares
And the world between our sides

What a lonely sound
Bringin your lover down
And every time you win you’re losin ground
And I’ve won enough to know that
There ain’t no hope on your own
And you’ve got the scars to show
Well this fights not over yet
Cause there’s things I have not said
No this fights not over yet
There’s things I have not said
Track Name: Broken Dreams
When I was a soldier there was no war
Got money to burn and a ticket to sail round the world
When I was a young man there was no girl
Said I’d be the next Casanova but she never heard

What I want to know Is where the hero has gone
Spent most of my life thinking he’d stand up and fight
Maybe garner some fame for us both
But the truth seems to be that I was made for simpler things
So I’ve learned not to bet it all on every broken dream

And when I’d play my music no one would show
Thought I’d be the next big thing nobody seemed to know
And when I look back on my life at least a million things I’ve loved
Had me feeling I was loosing no matter which way it is I’d go

Now it’s not like I’m angry I’m not bitter or cold
And I’ve lost mostly all expectations I held long ago
Still I feel my days coming so I keep on this road
Keep chasing the rainbows and falling for the gold
Track Name: Out In The Sun
It’s been out in the sun, It’s been out in the sun for so long
It’s dry to the bone
It’s coming out in a song, It’s coming out in a song But I can’t sing,
bout it no more

Took so little time to lose what I’d waited all my life for
Took so little time to lose you girl
And if I waited long enough I still might find a love
But what’s hard to come by ain’t easy to let go
You’re not here and I can’t sing bout this no more

Heard you’re moving along, heard you’re moving right along
Oh it just seems so wrong
Thought we’d fallen in love, thought it was written in blood
But I guess, you can never know

Said you loved me but you lied, or at least you changed your mind
As if our love was never on the line
If I’d known what I was headed for oh who’s to say
I might just do the same and just hope that you would change.
Track Name: Walked Away
It’s not the kind of feelin you want to grow
I should know I’ve seen it so much
With all of the times I’ve had a foot out the door
I never thought you’d be the one

To just walk away Take the smile right off my face
You said I’d understand one day But that day hasn’t come
You stole a play right off my page so I don’t have much to say
But I’d always come back when the feelings would pass
But you just walked away

It’s been so long since one of us was wrong
You had your ways I had mine
But I stuck around through the pain and I found
That you made up your mind to move on

And the silence it speaks louder than all the words that were fought
And your presence it seems stronger when you are not here at all
Oh if I’d been the one who’d run I’d be finding my way back home
But it’s not me now so I’m learning how to move on
Track Name: Northbound 35
Northbound 35 through the iron hills
Under infidel skies it's two hundred miles to drive
You won't be home
I saw an elsebound train on the overpass
In the driving rain every ticket costs the same
For where you can't go

Mustang horses, champagne glasses
Anything frail anything wild
It’s the price of living motion
What's beautiful is broken
And grace is just the measure of a fall

So I rolled into your town I passed the smokestacks
And the ore docks down off of Main and the sky spun around
With her diamonds on fire
We fought all night and then we danced
In your kitchen you were as much in my hands
As water or darkness or nothing can ever be held

It's just flashes that we own little snapshots
made from breath and from bone
And out on the darkling plain alone they light up the sky
It's 51 and driving south ain't it funny
How things'll turn out
I never even kissed you on the mouth
When we said goodbye
Track Name: Now I Am
You say you don’t want to see me
Coming back around
Cause it seems I’m not the man you thought I was
When we started out
I understand there’s no good reason for you
To ever think I could be someone new
Well you said I’m not the man you needed But maybe now I am

I’ve done some searchin, Lord knows I’ve been hangin round His door
That’s where I found what I’d been needin you’ll see
Well you used to say I wasn’t worth a damn
But maybe now I am

Girl you know I’d never mean to
Ever bring you down
But the paths I walked and roads I chose you know were
Hardly solid ground
But that was then and I can swear this to you
That I can be your someone new
Well you said I’m not the man you needed But maybe now I am