Drive Down South

by Corey Nolen Music

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released May 28, 2014

Drums: Brad Lyons

Percussion: Brian T. Murphy / Brad Lyons

Electric Bass: Brad Lyons

Upright Bass: Tim Carroll Jr.

Piano: Brian T. Murphy / Chandler Parker

Pedal Steel: Matt Knapp

Electric Guitars: Brad Lyons / Joel Madison Blount

Acoustic Guitars: Brad Lyons / Corey Nolen / Adam Wright

Violin: Connie Skellie

Mandolin: Adam Wright

Banjo: Mike Metcalf

Background Vocals: Ashley Spurling / Stokes Skellie / Connie Skellie

Produced by Brian T. Murphy

Also produced by Brad Lyons

Audio Recording and Engineering by Brian T. Murphy

Mixed by Jeremy SH Griffith at Singing Serpent Studios, NYC

Mastered by Jonathan Berlin at Berlin Mastering

Cover photography by Corey Nolen & Erin Nolen.

Album artwork and design by Mike Robinson

All songs written by Corey Nolen. Copyright Corey Nolen Music.



all rights reserved


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Corey Nolen Music Birmingham, Alabama

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Track Name: Find A Way
Ain’t this a never ending road we’re traveling
We started fast and there was no looking backwards
Never knowing where we were going but we
Kept on speeding past the coming disasters

So we’ll find a way to find a way to carry on
Yeah we’ll find a way til we find our way back home

And if we ever stop moving forward
We’ll be more lost than we were before
Yeah if we ever start listening to reason
We’d find no reason to go

They said there wasn’t any use in us tryin
You don’t get ahead when you start so far behind
But we never listened baby
We had no other choice to make

Holding tight to our hopes and our dreams
Feels so alone but we’re together at least
What we’ve got coming baby
It takes a lot of faith to believe
Track Name: Haunt Me
The harder I try
The harder it seems
To remember the times
It was just you and me

Nothing compares
To you being here
But if I can’t have you
I’ll take the next best thing

I want you to haunt me like a ghost
Be the sounds that I don’t know
See your face in the pane of my windows
I want you to move my things around
And when I hear that door slamming
I’ll know you’ve been here all along
And I am not alone

I’ve got your photographs
Scattered round my house
But they can only bring
An old memory back

And I’m tired of dreams
I only wake to see
The only time you’re here with me is when I’m asleep


I am not alone
Track Name: I Thought I Loved You
I would stop and buy you flowers
Almost everyday
That you’d call me up cryin
Cause I don’t do that sort of thing

And I would tell you just how beautiful
That you looked every night
That you’d ask me why I never
Could say words that kind

And I thought that I love you but I was wrong
Farther down the line
You see what you can’t see
When you’re standing knee deep
In the thick of life

But the years they kept on passing
And the hard times come and go
With so many things we’d rather not mention
But somehow we made it through

All the times you could have run
You could have left me all alone
Yeah but you stood right there beside me
Believed the best of who I was


And what I though was love
Was just something leading up
To this feeling that a word
Does not describe
Track Name: What I Had Coming
Got no good reason for the things I’ve done
The good and the bad they seem to find me on their own
Killed a man in Indiana but I did not run
And my world came undone

Judge gave me 30 years for all my wrongs
Told that same story though and Jesus let me off
Now I’m all squared away with heaven and the law
But it don’t change how far I have fallen

I’ll be the first to say It’s hard to explain when
You don’t get what you deserve
For as far as I had gone I did not get what I had coming

I met a girl but she was not my type
She walked the straight and narrow road I’d never tried
But she saw something in me no one else could find
And was the first to stand by my side

So I took her hand and with a ring and a vow
We dreamed all about a life we’d never had
I learned something there standing in the aisle
Life can turn either way on a dime

I’ll be the first to say It’s hard to explain when
You get what you did not deserve
For as far as I had gone I did not get what I had coming

When it seems hope just can’t be found
Cause you missed the boat your first time around
Well grace it always makes the rounds
In the places that your down and out

Track Name: Learning From Losing
There was a time when she was right by my side
I didn’t know love could leave so indifferently and completely change a mind
She’s still standing tall it’s just not me she’s standing by
And now I’m searching for answers to questions I never thought I’d have to find

What I’m learning from losing is it ain’t always a loss
There’s some things at the bottom that you’d never know unless you’ve taken a fall
I might have seen some better days
I might have had fewer scars
So if I’ve won anything it’s all that I’ve gained from losing it all

There was a time when I was making my way to the top
Climbed the ladder, slid down til the ground kept me from going farther
Spent half my life just trying to shine like a star
And the other half lookin for the silver lining in the dark


It’s easy enough when lady luck is leading you through life
But when she leaves you in the night, it’s a losing fight
Track Name: One Thing That Feels Right
They say we’re always movin
But I don’t know which way I’m goin
Cause lately all it seems is I’ve been losin
Just heading back from where it is I’ve come

Well I could tell you everything will be alright
Well I could lie, I could lie
God knows it’s what I say when I need to get by
When I’m barely getting by

But I don’t really have to tell you all this
You’ve been right there by my side
Running backwards tryin to catch our breath
And hopin to find just one thing that feels right

I used to think that any pain that ever comes our way
Would all be fine in the end
But some folks they never seem to catch those breaks
And I’ve turned into one of them


Well the road is long it goes on and on and on
Our prayers go out but they seem to be returned
And after all this time of wandering
The thing that I have learned
Is man you sure got something if you’re not alone
Track Name: Change of Heart
Burned my hands from holding to tight to my old
Way of living that was always at the end of a rope
And I don’t know why I can’t leave it alone

I got these demons I keep in my back pocket
They sit patient until I’m down and out again
And they’ve not failed me, not one time yet

Until I find something better
Until I want something more
I am bound to keep finding my heart on the floor
So I’m not looking for answers anymore I’ve just started
To wait for a change of heart

I’ve been running downhill to an uphill fight
And there’s no winning, there’s no use, oh but still I try
And I don’t get nothing but so damn tired
Track Name: Love Wide Open
I wasn’t looking for more but girl you had a lot of it
To this day I don’t know how I ever turned your head
More than I ever thought I could find
Makes a man like me wonder why
I get to be the one gettin lipstick love notes on my mirror at night

My heart was beatin but I was not alive
I’m sure I was breathing but dying on the inside

I didn’t know I needed something more
Til you showed me my heart was broken
Now girl you make me wanna love wide open

I used to hold it all in thought I was more of a man if I didn’t lead on
To the things I was feeling no matter how deep or how strong
Now you’ve got me laughin or cryin all the time
But either way I’m doing just fine
The highs are high and the lows are low but you’ve showed me that’s the way love


Now I would not ask for what I did not deserve
So I didn’t and I don’t but somehow got your love
Track Name: Best In Me
V 1
You close your eyes and you try and pretend
What it might have been like if I’d of been different
A little closer to who you had in mind
And all of those things that you only would tell
Your mamma or your best friend I know too well
Cause I could always see it in your eyes

But I’m not your God no I’m hardly a good man
I’ll leave you disappointed even cryin at night
Wonderin what the hell you got in
So if you’re lookin for a reason to be holdin on tonight
Just believe the best in me when the best is hard to find

Still you’re haunted by the ghost of a perfect man
whose shadow I’ve been living in
And growing colder with every passing fight
Well you never thought that the way to your heart
Would be some fool mending it’s pieces after he’s torn it apart
But ain’t that the way we are?


Just between you and me a perfect man just ain’t your type
Think how wrong you would be if he were always so right
So I may not be the storybook you wanted your whole life
But for the rest of it just try to see the best in me
Track Name: Moving On
Well it don’t make not sense when you tell someone
That you’re chasing down a love that’s as good as done
No it don’t make no sense when you love someone

Well the leaves were gold and the fields all white
There was fog on the ground and a tear in my eye
I was leaving Mississippi at the break of light

I was tryin to find my baby
Before she finds another one
Maybe now the memory’s faded
Of why she ever let me go

Well I’ve been down and I’ve been around
Long enough to surely know
That I’d change anything about me
To keep her from moving on

Well if I had to guess where she’s gonna be
It’s some mountain high or some valley deep
Really anywhere just west of me


Well Memphis ain’t your kind of town
Nashville’s much to lonely now
I guess your options they are running out
Take a drive down south
Track Name: Winding Road
Go on and make your point and I won’t argue
Truth is we’re both wrong and we’re both right
And some crazy combination of our stumbling around
Seems to be the thing that’s keeping this alive

There ain’t no one in this whole world can make you so happy
I’m the only one that makes you so mad
So whether straight or with a bend we’re gonna ride this to the end
Til we’re only looking back on where we’ve been

You want some answers to where this love is going
That’s what the winding road is for

Every morning it’s a mountain we can’t handle
But every night we’re standing on top again
We lose some love along the way but at the end of the day
We’ve got more than we ever started with

You want some answers for where this love is going
You want some answers to things I just don’t know
Well that’s what the winding road is for

Every argument turns to a conversation
Every tear is met with a smile again
And joy blooms out of any obligations
Cause this winding road keeps us from wandering